About the IDCA


In the mid 1990′s  Fight Director and Sword Master  Mark Shelley (Society of British Fight Directors) had the concept of forming a similar organisation to the SBFD here in Ireland.

Over the next few years the foundations of the structure came into place.

In 2003 The Irish Dramatic Combat Academy was officially formed.

The IDCA was founded with the aim of improving the standards of safety, quality and training of performance combat and promoting a  code of practice for the training, teaching and assessing of the art in Ireland.

The mission of the IDCA includes:

- The training of students as safe performers of Stage Combat.
- The adjudication of Fight Performance Tests, assessed at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
- The training of Certified Teachers to teach safely, competently and consistently the IDCA syllabus.
- To monitor the standards and practices of all those who teach the Academy’s syllabus.
- To develop training programs to international standards
- To foster co-operation and exchange with other stage-combat associations internationally